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7 Ways to Combat Dry Skin this Winter

Fill in the blank: What do lows of 13° + 20% humidity = ____ ? 

Answer: Very, very dry skin. Like the kind of skin that flakes and breaks as soon as you apply foundation. The kind of skin that looks irritated. The kind of skin that is so dry it’s almost painful. Yeah, we’re familiar— and we say it’s time for you to finally achieve the hydrated, soft skin you deserve.

Here are seven ways to combat the cold, harsh winter this year:


1. Exfoliate (with the right exfoliator)

Exfoliating might seem counterintuitive if you have dry skin. But if you over-moisturize and never remove those pesky dead skin cells, you’re basically just caking lotion onto dead skin. It won’t heal it— it basically just traps it in place. Gross, right? What you need is an organic, gentle exfoliator that contains other nourishing ingredients to simultaneously remove the dry flaky skin while leaving the new, baby skin cells moisturized.  Like this one— it has mineral-rich Dead Sea salt as the exfoliant, lavender essential oil, and nourishing ingredients such as sweet almond oil,  jojoba oil and Vitamins E & A. 

2. Moisturize with oil 

No, we’re not talking about lathering olive oil from your kitchen all over your face. Using proper facial oil is especially important if you have combination (both dry and oily) skin! Nutrient-rich facial oil tricks oily skin into thinking it has made enough sebum— AKA backs off on the oil production. On dry skin, it locks in moisture and creates a protective layer for your skin. Our Bath and Body Oil contains only the best ingredients such as sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil, with no artificial fragrance— just pure essential oils. 

3. Don’t over-wash your skin

You know the trend that lately has people going weeks without washing their hair? Well, we by no means recommend refraining from washing your face for weeks, but it’s a similar premise. Overwashing your face strips it of its natural oils it so desperately needs. Overwashing can lead to the tight, dry feeling and even dry, red patches. We recommend washing your face every night to remove grime and dirt, no matter your skin type. But suffer from the symptoms above? Swap out your morning face wash for a soothing facial oil. 

4. Actively heal open sores 

If your skin is dry enough to get to a point where it cracks and you have open sores, you need to address it. Odds are won't just magically go away on its own, and you run the risk of getting an infection if you touch your face a lot throughout the day. Our recommendation? Just put a little dab of this miracle in a bottle and just watch how quickly it heals. Seriously, it’s almost perplexing how fast this stuff heals. Well, not really— we know why it does. It’s contains the highest quality possible ingredients such as  Helichrysum Essential Oil, organic pumpkin seed oil, and Frankincense Essential Oil, to name a few. Want more info on our BeHealed Serum? Read this article where we break each ingredient down for you. 

5. Lose the cheap chapstick

Chapped lips are the WORST. They're painful, off-putting, and just annoying. Did you know that some lip balms contain ingredients that actually ultimately dry your lips out so you’ll buy more? Not cool, right? What you want to find is a lip balm with all-natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce and recognize. Hydrating ingredients such as Beeswax Vitamin E and Coconut Oil. You know, kind of like the one we make! We swear by this stuff and carry six different flavors. Work this lip balm into your routine combined with drinking plenty of water, and you can kiss your chapped lips goodbye. ;)

6. Pick a high-quality moisturizer that works for your skin

Key phrase being “your skin.” Generally a good trick is to avoid moisturizers with added fragrance, also disguised as “parfum.” When it comes to what you put on your face, we recommend sticking to essential oils if you desire it to be scented at all. Our RESTORE Premium Facial Lotion comes in unscented, lavender, and geranium frankincense. It also contains goodies such as Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice,  Jojoba & Argan Oils, Coffee Essential Oil, and Green Tea Extract. Need an all-body lotion? Our Whipped Silk literally contains silk amino acids, which provide a surge of moisture, yet feel light rather than greasy. Want to really go the extra mile? Moisturize while in the tub too! Throw in a Bath Truffle or one of our Tub Soaks, like this one which contains baby oats, milk and honey— all amazing for chapped and irritated skin.

7. Use a resilient scrub for hands and heels

Using a quality scrub designed for hands and heels is crucial. The exfoliant is a bit more intense and heavy duty than what you might use on your face. When your hands or heels crack in the winter, just use one teaspoon of this dry Dead Sea salt scrub to exfoliate, soften and smooth your parched hands and cracked heals in just 30 seconds. Gentle enough to use daily, it makes for a wonderful addition to your skincare regime. 

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