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Spoiler alert: The secret ingredient is frankincense essential oil. *gasp*

Introducing our latest therapeutic, healing serum: BE Healed.

We’ve got a new therapeutic healing serum, and let me tell you— this stuff is a miracle in a bottle. Before I give you all the details on this liquid gold, I want to tell you the story of how it came to be! 

Our new therapeutic, healing serum: BE Healed.

It all started with some overzealous hand motions, a cut that just. wouldn't. heal. and an upcoming photoshoot.

Our founder + CEO, Jennifer, was on a coffee date with a friend telling a very compelling story with many a hand motion, when she accidentally scratched her chin with her fingernail. And it bled... a lot. No matter what she put on it, it just wouldn't heal.

But she had a photoshoot coming up. And from that moment, it was game on.

Essential oil frenzy

She called up her daughter, Kayla (RMSM’s prized skincare mastermind) and explained how she needed a #healinginfusion made up, STAT!

They went back and forth yelling out different healing essential oils, “FRANKINCENSE, TEA TREE, LAVENDER, HELICHRYSUM, ROSEMARY!”

In no time at all, she held in her hands what I can truly say was nothing short of a miracle! She began putting a couple drops of the custom concoction on her wound every four to six hours and by day two, it was gone. From big ugly ‘notice me’ scab to a teeny-tiny 98% healed mini-mark, that’s it! We couldn’t believe the lightning speed of this remedy.

And voilà! Our brand spanking new BE HEALED serum was born. It has only the very best ingredients— no chemicals or preservatives. Including my beloved #frankincense essential oil, which when applied topically or cosmetically, helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, and stimulates new cell growth (which helps cuts heal faster)!

Other ingredients include the highly coveted helichrysum essential oil, touted for its healing properties, and pumpkin seed oil as the carrier oil, making this stuff as high-quality as humanly possible.

Ready to get your hands on some?

At one point or another, we could all use a little healing.

These are selling like hot cakes, so be sure to snag yourself some BE Healed while they're still here! You can purchase yours online or at our store in downtown Colorado Springs.

The good Lord has  done a great job of supplying miraculous healers in nature. Just thought you should know about this one, for now.