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Our "Fresh Start Initiative" is making a difference in Colorado Springs— Here's how you can help.

Our Dimpled & Dented Bath Bomb Sale is back! Here’s the sweet deal: you get a bag of 10 “dimpled or dented” bath bombs for only $15. Well, you may be thinking, “What exactly does ‘dimpled and dented mean’?” 

These Bath Bombs will still offer you a wonderful spa experience, they simply won't be in pristine condition, a ding here, a scrape there. We're perfectionists who hate waste— enter the Dimpled & Dented sale!

Spa treats at this fabulous price are great, but here’s the best part: profits from this sale will be donated to two of our amazing Giving Partners, Beautiful Redemption and Dream Centers: Mary’s Home. We call it our  “Fresh Start Initiative”.

Here is a little more information on the organizations your purchase will benefit:

  • Dream Centers Mary’s Home is a community that helps local women and children break free from the cycles of abuse, poverty and homelessness. Learn more about them here

  • Beautiful Redemption helps people live out God’s heart for the Fatherless— being a bridge between our local foster care program and the faith community. Learn more about what they do here

We talk a lot about how much we love this community and how much we value pouring into it by helping any way we can. We encourage you to join us this time around. For a lot of us, $15 isn’t much of a sacrifice, yet it can make a world of difference for someone in need. 

The Dented & Dimpled Bath Bomb Sale will take place Jan. 10 – Jan. 19 both in-store and online. Please consider purchasing a bag and share this sale with others too! Everybody wins!

Thank you in advance, from the bottom of our hearts here at Rocky Mountain Soap Market.

Hugs & blessings,

Jennifer Ross (CEO & Founder)