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Sometimes you feel like a nut! Why we’re all NUTTY for Honey Almond...

Have you ever noticed when you love something so much you can’t wait to share it with everyone you know?

Well guess what Soap Market friends - we LOVE our new Honey + Almond Scent Family Collection and we’re sharing it with YOU!

Why are we so nutty about this combination you ask?

Well let’s get straight to the nuts and bolts!

Ok, but seriously…

The notes of this soothing, warm, almond scent, churned with sweet honey, and a hint of vanilla are nuttin’ but yummy!

And the newest member to this sweet and nutty family is our

Honey + Almond Gourmet Body Scrub.

Not only is this staff and customer favorite product scented with this delectable fragrance combo, but one of the key ingredients is Almond Oil… are you catching on to ou