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The Dimpled & Dented Sale Donation Results Are In!

You just made the world a little brighter, friend! I just wanted you to know that last week’s Great ‘Dimpled and Dented’ Bath Bomb Sale was a huge success, thanks to you! Check out what we did together…

As part of our Fresh Start Initiative, we proudly support two incredible organizations here in Colorado Springs: Beautiful Redemption and Dream Centers Mary’s Home. A BIG shout out goes to all of our amazing customers, (such as yourself!) as we were able to donate $1,000 to each organization, totaling a whopping $2,000 aimed at impacting people’s lives in our local community.

Here’s where you made things brighter and better:

Beautiful Redemption works with local children and families before they enter the foster care system. They provide for their basic needs (and so much more) including car seats, cribs, formula, etc. We love that they give hope and a future to local children in crisis situations.

Check out Beautiful Redemption's website here.

Below from left to right: RMSM CEO & Founder Jennifer Ross, Beautiful Redemption Founder Mike Worley, RMSM Store Manager Cindy Puleo.

Dream Centers Mary’s Home is a “A Safe Haven for Women and Children to Rewrite Their Dreams.” They help women and children escape from poverty, abuse and homelessness, giving them access to housing, resources, career development and more. We love what they do!

Check out Dream Centers Mary's Home website here.

Below left to right: RMSM Store Manager, Cindy Puleo and Dream Centers Mary's Home Donor Development Associate, Jeane Turner.

We are incredibly honored to work with our Giving Partners. They work so very hard to improve the lives of women, children, and entire families in our city. 

So next time you toss one of those dimpled bombs in the tub and settle in for a long, relaxing, soak, take a moment and do two things: 

  • Think about these organizations and the truly amazing things they are doing for this community.

  • Honor yourself and the difference you made. This sale is more than just an awesome opportunity to stock up on bath bombs— it’s changing people’s lives and making a difference in this world. 

No good deed is too small, my friend. Thank you for being your a