Soap Gift Sets MSRP $30.00

A customer Favorite. Back of box lists each bar's ingredients. 20 oz. total weight. Available in several varieties. Sold in packs of 6.

Soap Gift Sets

  • Half Bar Gourmet Sampler  -Holiday Edition or Colorado Style - MSRP $30.00

    A customer Favorite. Your WILD WEST CHRISTMAS never smelled so good!  Choose from our delightful Holiday or Regular customer favorites Sampling of eight Natural, Skin Soothing Gourmet Soap Halves, 2.5 oz. each. Back of box lists each bar's ingredients. 20 oz. total weight.

    CRAFT BEER TOUR  - MSRP $30.00 Take this sudsy tour in your shower! Three brew-filled bars each crafted with a different Tap, plus one Old Tyme Rootbeer bar for the designated bather! A total of Four Natural, Handmade, Hand cut, Sudsy, Skin Soothing Gourmet Soap Wedges. MSRP $30.0020 oz. ( "The Rockies" Ale / Pioneer Pumpkin Porter / Snowcrest Lager / Old Tyme Rootbeer )

    PINK MOOSE - MSRP $30.00 Even WESTERN GALS love their girlie scents! A delicate Cowgirl-style Collection of some of our ladies' favorites. 18-20 oz. ( Fresh Roses - Organic / Red Tea & Clover / Lilac & Lilies / Mooseberry )

    LAVENDER FRONTIER - MSRP $30.00 A sampling of four different delightful Lavender Soap Bars. A customer favorite!


Downtown Colorado Springs

212 N. Tejon Street

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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