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Announcement - Prayers and Sales for Texas

August 30, 2017

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Dead Sea Mineral Mud... the Healthy Mud!

December 13, 2016

We have all heard of mud masks... usually in conjunction with cucumbers and

spa days. 

Sure, facials are great. Treat yourself. But we have something even better. (ok, that's an opinion. But let's explore it... shall we?)

6 Reasons Why Our Dead Sea Mineral Mud Masks are AMAZING! (available through the link above in Lavender or Unscented)


1. It's from the Dead Sea. This is cool for a few reasons... The Dead Sea sits between the West Bank, Israel and Jordan. It has an incredibly high mineral content. The salt content alone is enough for the water to literally hold you up. The Dead Sea is involved in many health benefit studies because of its mineral content, low allergen content, reduced ultraviolet from solar radiation, and higher atmospheric pressure. Minerals include magnesium, bromides, phosphates and sodium.

2. It is known to control skin disorders such a psoriasis, eczema and acne. As far as it relates to skin health, the rich mineral content accelerates natural exfoliant and restores pH balance. It also reduces inflammation. The writer of this blog post has personally seen amazing acne healing with Dead Sea Mineral Mud 👍🏼


3. It can minimize pore, wrinkles and lines. You can only truly understand the mask-drying feeling once you have experienced it. The mud becomes really dry, and it actually draws out toxins and tightens the skin. 


4. Anti-aging properties can be seen once the mask has worked to remove dead skin cells from the skin. Once these cells have been removed, new, young skin cells can grow. Blood circulation to the skin is then increased, helping achieve that youthful "glow."


5. It reduces cellulite. This no longer applies to the face, (unless you do, in fact, have facial cellulite... 😕), but minerals found in the Dead Sea Mask like calcium, magnesium and potassium promote blood circulation, which relaxes nerves and helps flatten out cellulite bumps. 


6. It reduces pain from arthritis. This is accomplished through the same general concept as the cellulite reduction and anti-aging. The minerals cause blood flow to increase and the nerves in the area to relax, allowing pain to ease. 


So there you have it! This amazing product can be found in our Rocky Mountain Soap Market stores or online here!

Leave us a note letting us know if you love it and why!!

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Thankful for you, 

Rocky Mountain Soap Market