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Announcement - Prayers and Sales for Texas

August 30, 2017

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Skin Food - Rhassoul Clay

January 18, 2017

Rhassoul Clay - One of our new favorites! But why, you ask? What is Rhassoul Clay?


Well, let us tell you! 


Rhassoul Clay is a main ingredient in our Rhassoul Clay and Aloe Soap Bar as well as our Detox Soak!


It is sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and is also known as Ghassoul Clay, Red Clay, and Red Moroccan Clay. It is created through a natural combo of volcanic activity and geothermal changes. The benefits are huge - a lot of people use it as soap or even shampoo!


Here are 5 reasons Rhassoul Clay is rhasSOUL Food for your skin: (see what we did there?)


1. It has a high negative charge, which draws out impurities from the skin, but has a high silica and magnesium content, giving it the ability to cleanse and nourish at the same time!


2. It has been shown to improve dry skin by regulating skin’s natural oil balance.


3. It can be used as a nourishing shampoo! It has been shown to de-grease the scalp while leaving the hair shaft in tact, which is especially effective for oily hair. This is an excellent alternative to commercial shampoos that are filled with chemicals (our soap bar is great for this!)


4. It's previously mentioned high-mineral content is effective as a natural conditioner for hair as well! 


5. It is effective in the soothing of skin irritations like eczema and psoriasis.


So, there you have it! You now have 5 reasons to love Rhassoul Clay, and 5 new reasons to visit us in stores or online to check it out for yourself!


Let us know which products you love and why!


Thankful for you,

Rocky Mountain Soap Market



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