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Announcement - Prayers and Sales for Texas

August 30, 2017

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Charcoal - the Dark Side?

February 15, 2017

Charcoal is big in skin care these days... there are masks, scrubs, bars - even toothpastes - all claiming to be good for you. But is washing with something that seems so dirty actually good? 


Let's look a little deeper at charcoal... and find out if it is worth heading over to the dark side.



First of all, this the charcoal used in skin care is not the kind you grill with. That would be less than glamorous.

It is called Activated Charcoal. It is actually used in hospitals when dealing with poison, as it binds to chemicals and draws them out of the body. This is part of the benefit of using it on your skin, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. 


You can find activated charcoal in our Organic Activated Charcoal Soap Bar as well as our Activated Charcoal Facial Bar. But why do you want this? Here we go...

4 Reasons You Should Visit the Dark Side

(a.k.a. Use Activated Charcoal)

1. As we mentioned earlier, it pulls out toxins. It's medically proven. This same concept works in your pores as well. And who wants toxins in their pores? Not I!

2. It's a natural substance (and, in the case of our Soap Bar, even organic,) and is therefore less reactive than washes with added chemicals.

3. It works on your hair as well, (again, a perfect use for our Soap Bar,) and actually goes further in cleansing than regular shampoos do. 

4. These effects improve things like acne, dandruff, redness, oily skin/scalp, and more! 


Give it a try for yourself! It seems strange... but the benefits are huge! 


See you soon!

Rocky Mountain Soap Market


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