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Announcement - Prayers and Sales for Texas

August 30, 2017

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Tub Tea - Take Time to Fill Your Tub

March 29, 2017

Close your eyes. Imagine being cocooned in the warm, loving embrace of a bath. Now add the enticing aroma of French Lavender, German Chamomile, Red Rose Buds and Oats. Aaahhhh.


That's right, tea is not only for drinking. Introducing our Gladys & James Bridal Collection Gourmet Tub Tea! 


We all need to step away - take a break - take time to fill our cups and our tubs, our hearts and our minds. It's healthy!


Let's take a closer look at those ingredients and what they can do for you!

French Lavender - the scent of Lavender is widely known to be a stress and anxiety reliever. It can also act as a calming agent for skin irritation such as eczema, etc. Lavender is also known to have anti-aging/anti-bloating properties. 


German Chamomile - this herb has many, many uses (more than we can list here). It is used as an anti-inflammatory inhalant for the respiratory tract as well as a topical treatment for skin irritation, bacterial diseases, soreness, gas, etc. 


Red Rose Buds - with a pleasing aroma, Red Rose Bud Tea is high in Vitamin C. While our Tub Tea is not for drinking, your skin is amazingly absorbent, like a sponge, and has the ability to soak up the benefits of the Rose Buds! It is known to work against menstrual pain, acne, and anxiety while boosting skin, hair and digestion, etc. 


Oats - Check out this previous blog post on oatmeal (and more) and what it can do for you! Benefits include the soothing of the skin as well as pH balancing and exfoliation. 

So there you have it! Dip your toes into this amazing tea for your tub.

Step away, find your peace.


Gourmet Tub Tea is available now in stores and online


Can't wait to see you!

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