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Announcement - Prayers and Sales for Texas

August 30, 2017

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What's in your Basket?

April 12, 2017

It's the celebration of new life... the new life that SPRING brings to the world as well as the resurrected life of the Risen King! The religious celebration of Easter has been dated back to the 2nd century, and is primarily focussed on the celebration of Jesus Christ conquering death and rising from the dead on the third day.


But... how in the world did all of the other Easter traditions start? Like the Easter Bunny... Where did he come from? Why does he deliver eggs? Why do we decorate said eggs? (Shameless plug: check out our adorable Easter Egg Bubble Bars in stores for $7.95!) 


Let's settle this once and for all.

You could check out this video from the History Channel, but we are going to give you a brief outline anyway, plus the inside scoop on our Easter Egg Bubble Bars!!! Did we mention they are in stores for a limited time? Fill those Easter baskets!


1. Bunny: Rabbits are an ancient symbol of fertility and new life, which probably originally started the connection with the new life of spring and the resurrection of Christ that is celebrated during Easter. This tradition can be traced back to 17th Century Europe, and was most likely brought over to America from there. Other countries celebrate with other animals. Like... Germany has an Easter fox, among other things. The more you know, right?


2. Eggs: Way, way back in the day, eggs were part of a list of foods that were actually banned in the church during the season of Lent, which ends on Easter Sunday. It is assumed that the people of the church were just very excited to eat eggs again. While the tradition of decorating eggs is one of the oldest practices, 19th century Russia took it to the next level and began giving extremely expensive, jeweled eggs as gifts. This is where the Fabergé egg became famous. (Fabergé was an artist, and was extremely good at making these lavish eggs for the Czar). Don't want to spend millions? Stop by Rocky Mountain Soap Market and fill your baskets with our adorable Easter Egg Bubble Bars, for much less $$ ($7.95). 


Little side note: our bubble bars are hand-painted with Mica Powder, a skin safe cosmetic colorant often used in makeup and bath bombs, etc. It typically has an iridescent shimmer, and is used in natural mineral makeups, etc. because it is naturally occurring earth mineral. Check it out! 


So there you have it. 88% of Americans give their kids Easter Baskets - fill yours with something special this year. Whether it's eggs, candy, toys, or even soap (hey, kids love bubbles!), we pray you enjoy your Easter! 


Hallelujah, He is Risen! 


Rocky Mountain Soap Market





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